Core values


teamworkWe recognize that our greatest asset is people. To be successful, Cobra Heating & Air Conditioning Inc must be able to attract and retain skilled workers of high moral character that feel a sense of pride and dedication to the company and its clients.  We provide opportunity and encouragement to help our employees and associates reach their full potential. We work with our clients as a team and work to build a strong foundation based upon mutual respect. 


integrityWe remain true to our core values of excellence, integrity and diligence. Cobra Heating & Air Conditioning Inc is a business based on trust and the highest standards of ethics.


commitWe take a practical and proactive approach in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their objectives.


responsivenessBeing responsive to your needs is of the highest importance. Although the delivery processes can take time, you should never have to wait for a return phone call, email response, or an answer to a question. Our staff prides itself on being courteous and responsive to your every need. We realized that your time is valuable, and seek to provide you constant communication and status reports.


enthusiasmNot only will our staff be responsive to your needs, they are enthusiastically working to provide you with the best service. We reward and promote talented, eager individuals who enjoy their work and are enthused to come to work on your behalf.


eficiencyOur professionals are committed to the development of efficient and expedient methods of installation, as well as use of innovative products that will allow us to complete a project in a timely fashion.  Thus creating little inconveniences to your home or business.


valueTrue Value to you comes from working with our leadership team of experienced professionals that provide you with constant communication, quality workmanship, and consistent customer service. The true testament of our commitment to our clients is shown in the lasting relationships we have formed with our clients.